What do you do? That’s a question I was asked a lot this weekend when I was at a two-day conference with women from throughout the country. When I offered, “support small businesses through B2B marketing services,” I most often received a puzzled look with a follow up question, “what does that mean?” Listing the ways we often support our clients – case studies, editorial calendars, content strategy, press releases, blogs, bylined articles, media outreach, lead generation, inbound and outbound campaigns, and more – kept their attention but did not satisfy their curiosity.

But when I said that our favorite engagement is as a virtual Chief Marketing Officer, I watched their eyes widen. Synapses started to connect, but they still asked, “So exactly what is that? Is it just skyping into conference rooms, all day?”

After reflecting on the curious conversations of the weekend, I decided to write this out. As with everything we do at HMS, when we designed our virtual CMO offering, we started by asking what our clients need and want. In managing media outreach, digital marketing, tradeshows, internal communication, public affairs, sales campaigns, and more for our clients has helped us understand that not every small business has the budget, bandwidth, or ability to support an in-house marketer or team.

Next, as we assessed the needs of small businesses, we recognize that they need someone with the experience to develop strategies and tactics to reach their goals – they don’t have the bandwidth to generate all of the ideas and oversee their execution. We have a lot of experience in marrying communication and marketing tactics to generate revenue. Our clients need someone with our level of experience, just not full-time.

In short, a Virtual CMO is someone with the ability to work with you to uncover your business goals, design the programs and campaigns you need to reach them, and execute – all without having to hire and manage full-time staff.

The service is unique for each client. While some clients require us to concentrate on recruitment and external reputation, others need regular campaigns integrated with their CRM with continual data analysis and message iteration and targeting to generate leads and support conversions.

So, my best answer is, a virtual CMO is exactly what you need it to be. When HMS is in the role, you can be assured that our service will be as personal as our strategy and tactics. As a fellow small business, we wear lots of hats like you. When we are on board, we are a partner that shares your vision and goals, and works with you to make them happen.

Curious what your virtual CMO could look like? Reach out. Let’s talk about how we can help today.