Webinar followup is the most important part of running a webinar. You’ve taken the time to create a solid presentation, collaborated with partners on content, and reached out to your community to build audience. But it’s unlikely that more than five percent of your list will actually attend. Obviously, you need to connect with those attendees as they have demonstrated a significant buying intent by giving you their time. But don’t forget the other 95 percent.

Send a follow-up email with a link to the webinar. Synopsize the highlights of the presentation and provide them a reason to watch the content. An example: “Brenda shared some stories about companies impacted by ransomware that took us by surprise – we didn’t realize how frequent this is, how brazen the attackers are, and how close to home it has become.”

• Offer a call to action. Why did you do the webinar, again? Oh, right – to find a way to connect with your prospect. Offering content with educational value is an excellent way to build a relationship, but not everyone will react to your content in the way you intend. Honestly, it doesn’t matter if they watch the webinar or not, as long as they continue to stay connected. Further your relationship by giving them something compelling, like a free evaluation, a white paper outlining action steps, an offer for an in-person demo, etc. Provide a variety of ways for people to respond. Track the offers that resonate the most, but don’t necessarily eliminate the less used items in your catalog – outliers can convert in surprisingly high numbers.

Post the content online. Embed the video in your website, wrap it with compelling text, and point to it via your social channels. Video is great content – make sure you use it.

Bottom line? The real marketing starts once the webinar is done. Do your webinar followup to take full advantage of your content creation. Reach out to your community. Make it count!

We want to know: what’s your favorite webinar followup tactic?