Project Description

Following two years of stable growth, our client was poised for rapid expansion. More contracts = greater capacity, and that required more people. Before we could help our client launch a hiring campaign, we needed to understand what made it the employer of choice in its region and industry. What was the company’s unique value proposition that drives growth? Our end game was to ensure that all outward facing channels poised to attract and recruit new talent would reflect this greatness.

● First, we listened. We held three one-hour calls with the company’s executive team on everything from what drives customers to buy to technology used. We listened and learned.
● Then we digested, transcribed, and identified the commonalities, themes, and characteristics in their business strategy, customer sales approach, employee engagement, and leadership style.
● We also identified their points of pride. In their own words, the company’s engine was its people. Homing in on this value became a central message in the company’s reputation as an employer of choice.
● We measured our client against its competitors and audited its communication and marketing efforts.
● Then we developed their story focusing on the company’s values.

Why was this a critical exercise? Because before we can create any communications or campaigns, we need to understand who you really are. What truly drives people to buy, or employees to choose you is driven by your unique value proposition. We use these values to develop content for the website, sales collateral, social media, and employee engagement. We tailor communication with a universal message that brings integrity to the brand and supports its goals for growth.

If you’d like to learn more about our information-gathering process, or would like help identifying your unique value proposition, just reach out. We’d love to work with you.