Project Description

It’s always great news when a company is ready to hire, but it can be a challenge to find the right applicants. We worked with one of our clients to develop a campaign that made it easy to attract the right talent while also assuring that job seekers got the right impression about the company.

The majority of the positions were for junior employees, so we decided to test a Facebook campaign. We could target our region at a lower cost than using LinkedIn or GoogleAd Words, and we could also use the platform to showcase the company’s loyal and engaged workforce.

Employees often posted updates on the company’s Facebook page, but we launched a campaign to solicit information about employees – their favorite part of their jobs, what they did in their spare time, etc. – to create some employee-appreciation posts from the company. These sparked some terrific engagement from employees, and also highlighted the company’s reputation as a supportive employer.  

The next step was to launch the recruitment campaign. We started by ensuring that external channels were current and messaged appropriately. Because we had just overhauled the company’s messaging, we were able to quickly refresh the key components in this campaign, which included:

  • The company’s About Us page optimized for social channels.
  • Messaging about our client’s employee-centric culture, especially in comparison with that of its competitors’ reputation which we learned from employees’ posts on GlassDoor, Indeed and other  job sites.
  • We built a Facebook campaign that represented the energy of the company and drove prospective candidates directly to the company’s recruitment portal.


This initial campaign cost the client less than $100 in Facebook advertising, but drove dozens of applicants to the job portal for the first phase of the hiring process. It also provided a solid understanding of the cost per applicant and cost per hire for building a budget for follow-on campaigns.

Facebook isn’t right for all B2B campaigns, but there are times when its demographic is a good fit – if you want to learn more, give us a shout!