Project Description

One of HMS’s customers has an enviable asset for any B2B company – a large email list. When the company wanted to communicate its expertise in a specific market segment, we knew that list would be the centerpiece of our outreach strategy. We had created a significant amount of content in this particular segment for this client, including bylines and e-books. Why not explore this in a new dimension with a webinar campaign?

Great idea, but only one hitch: this client is super smart. She’s also crazy busy. No way she had time in her schedule to figure all of the pieces out, market it to that huge list, and develop the presentation.

HMS took the reins and developed a completely turnkey project for the client. Here are some of the specific steps in the process:

  • We started by developing the Powerpoint presentation we’d share to guide prospects through the changes and opportunities in the market segment, including statistics and quotes from well-known industry analysts. We included  data we wanted customers to learn about the company’s software product, but made sure the focus was on educating the prospect about the market to earn the prospect’s trust and demonstrate the client’s thought leadership.
  • We created all of the back-end pieces that have to be in place in order to manage a successful webinar, including a Go to Webinar registration page, registration and reminder confirmations.
  • The next step was a series of informational emails highlighting facts and data about the market segment, and inviting prospects to participate. We built these emails on the customer’s email automation platform – Zoho Campaigns – and created back-end integrations to populate each prospect’s CRM record with any activity taken. We set these up to go out on a weekly basis, tracking opens, clicks, and – above all – registrations.
  • We tracked activity and links to determine which email segments performed best, and which information was of most interest to the prospects to tweak upcoming emails in the campaign.
  • Helping the client practice before the presentation was another important step, and then we were there on the actual day of to manage back-end Go to Webinar controls.
  • A nice feature of Go to Webinar is the ability to record the presentation; our client chose to publish it on a private channel to use for sales purposes, but we have worked with other clients who use these videos to populate their YouTube channels and as website content.

At the end of the process, the customer had a significant number of high-level, perfectly targeted, and very interested prospects to turn over to the sales team.

And our super-smart, super-busy, superstar client? We were able to use her expertise and her time wisely to push these prospects closer to the sale without sucking all of the time out of her schedule. And with the recorded video, we can share her smarts over and over again.