After working with a customer on a story about its values, it seemed appropriate to codify them for Harris Media Services. It turns out that this list is a good framework for choosing a marketing service partner, including whether or not Harris Medias Services is the right firm for your organization. These values are based on the key characteristics of our most successful relationships and the drivers behind our approach: Commitment to Partnership, Willingness to Engage, Curiosity, Trust and Risk, Ethics and Integrity, and Hunger for Growth.

  • Partnership: We want to be your partner because we are motivated by being able to contribute over the long term. We want to help you understand the key drivers of your business, track market changes, identify current customers and how to best engage them, discover new customers, and win them over by communicating with them about how you can solve their problems. In short, we work best when we are a part of your team.
  • Conversations: Good marketing starts with questions. Our engagement is the first step of building a relationship, so we need to understand why you’ve established certain priorities, how you developed strategies, and why you embrace certain tactics or projects. This process will allow us to find a fresh approach, refine existing strategy, share expertise, or get results that deliver value. Our collaboration is inherent to our success and makes for a stronger partnership with more growth.
  • Risks are OK: Growth requires a willingness to try new things. We practice agile marketing, which means we conduct limited tests of new ideas, measure results, then make adjustments moving forward. Not everything works, but when something is a hit, we move full-steam ahead. When it doesn’t, we stop it in its tracks. In other words, we need to take measured and calculated risks to get results for you.
  • Ethics: If you’re interested in breaking laws, cheating (especially cheating customers), lying to reporters (or anyone), or other unethical business practices, find another agency. We value our reputation, but also know these behaviors will undo any good we can achieve for you, and fast.
  • Integrity: Building a bench of great talent takes time. We treat our team fairly, and expect the same from you. We work with highly trained professionals who excel at graphic design, web development, research, videography, digital marketing, and content creation. They have invested years of time and lots of money on training and tools to get to where they are. They jump through hoops to help you succeed. Please don’t ask us to negotiate them down, wait for payment, or engage in unethical behavior. When in doubt, consider the Golden Rule. If you don’t want someone asking it of you, don’t ask it of our team.
  • Hunger for Growth: If you’re happy with your business the way it is now, or if you just want someone to help you maintain the status quo, the chances are good that we will drive you crazy. We are not interested in repeating yesterday; we are hungry to change tomorrow. When you’re interested in making something happen, please give us a call.

Can we answer more questions about our approach, our services, or our ideas for your company? Just reach out – we would love to connect.